Winning Moves Luton Monopoly Board Game

  • Dive into the world of MONOPOLY with a twist that’s close to home—the Luton Edition! Select a token that resonates with you, embark on a journey across well-loved landmarks, and build your wealth. But be cautious—taxes, jail, and bankruptcy lurk around the corner.
  • Make strategic moves to Kenilworth Road, London Luton Airport, and the vibrant Luton Carnival. Will you be the one collecting rent or paying it out? Expand your empire by investing in houses and hotels, and negotiate your way to the top. This fast-paced property trading game promises a delightful experience for the entire family.
  • And in this Luton Edition, you can also become the proud owner of the Vinyl Revelations Record Shop, adding a harmonious note to your real estate ventures. Get set to roll, trade, and build your way to MONOPOLY glory!

The game will be delivered in its original shrink-wrap packaging. We’ve only unsealed a single copy for the purpose of displaying the game board.