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We have sold one of the rarest LP's ever to have come up for sale from this period.

A limited run of only 99 pressings. All came in a plain white sleeve with the exception of five which were personally drawn by each member.
This particular one is the most exciting as it is made by John Grimaldi. So not only is this ultra rare. But even rarer as it's a hand made sleeve.
Musician and songwriter from St Albans, Herts, UK. Born 22 May 1955, died 15 November 1983. Formed Motiffe while at St Albans Boys School. Performed with Argent, 1974-75.
The band consisted of:
John Grimaldi (guitar)
Mark Pasterfield (drums)
Dave Shackley (bass)
Ian Wilson (keyboards)
Quentin Bryar (keyboards)
Steve Bellingham (keyboards, 1970-1971)
Mick Avery (keyboards, 1971-1972)
A quote from Dave Shackley from a forum:

Motiffe was formed by school students at St Albans School some time in 1970, instigated by John Grimaldi & Mark Pasterfield who had acquired bits of a drum kit. I (David Shackley) joined on bass (mainly because I was the only candidate who had an albeit crap bass.)

We quickly acquired Quentin Bryer on sax, Ian Wilson on flute & Steve Bellingham on keys, replaced in 71 by Mike Avery we rehearsed in the egg box covered cellar at the sub-deanery in Sumpter Yard (Mark’s dad was sub dean). We had other assorted temporary members.

John wrote the themes & songs & we got a lot better together. In early 1972 we were recorded live & about 100 copies were made by Deroy.

Soon after in 72 there was a difference within the band as to what & how much we should play & John on guitar & myself on bass started Flux aiming to go pro.

From Quentin Bryar:

I left St Albans in the autumn of 1972 to go to college, although I do remember going back to do one more gig with Motiffe at the Civic Hall (now the Arena) in about November of that year. We did a few at the Civic Hall as support act -- I have vague memories of the Edgar Broughton Band and early ELO being another, though these may be false memories. Definitely remember supporting Renaissance at a different venue -- sticks in my mind because they brought their own acoustic piano and tuned it before the gig, which was impressive.

At school, one highlight I remember is when Motiffe joined forces with the big band we'd started at one of the jazz concerts we put on when I was in the sixth form. This seemed very cutting-edge at the time.

I lost touch with John and the others when I moved from St Albans, although I remember visiting Mark Pasterfield in hospital when he had his thrombosis.
A drummer I play with these days, Terry Vincent, lives in St Albans and knew John and the older Rod Argent crowd too. He was an organiser in the Musicians Union and I believe he was helping John get appropriate housing when he was ill, just before he died.


John Grimaldi MotiffeJohn Grimaldi Motiffe