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Record Shop owner Andy Chesham started buying and selling records at school to fund his own addiction to vinyl. By the time he was 14 years old he already knew how he wanted to live his life! The shop finally opened in 1994. 25 years later Andy still loves the hustle and bustle of his shop. The regulars, the newbee's, the mad ones! The thrill of the chase is constant. Go to the shop, have a coffee... check the stock and chew the fat.

Sharon Chesham set up the online side of the business in 2007 and with daughter Debbie they keep the online store stocked with vinyl goodies & ship to customers worldwide.

Daisy & Bailey Chesham are the most valued members of the team. They have questionable work ethics - constantly turning up late for work (with attitude!) & found numerous times sleeping on the job but we wouldn't be without them.


BBC Three Counties Radio came to visit our store and interview Andy Chesham to find out why vinyl sales are increasing.

Not many people have songs made about them and we absolutely love this!

Our very own Andy Chesham goes onto the ever popular Nick Coffer BBC 3 Counties Radio Show once a month to talk about the value of records and the stories behind them.




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