Record Shop owner Andy Chesham started buying and selling records at school to fund his own addiction to vinyl.  One day Andy told his teacher he was going to open his own record store but the unimpressed teacher told him to stop dreaming and get a real job! In 1994 Andy opened Vinyl Revelations and 27 years later has no regrets he didn’t listen to his teacher!

In 2007 technophobic Andy bribed his wife Sharon to leave her job as a Legal Executive to set up an online store with the promise of getting a dog!   Sharon accepted when he upped the bribe to 2 dogs! Our stock of pre-loved vinyl records is constantly changing and to list each one on this website would be a logistical nightmare, so Sharon used the music database Discogs to set up the online store called Vinylrevs.

Andy and Sharon's daughter Debbi Chesham has joined the flock adding more titles to the Discogs store and shipping orders to customers worldwide.

With all this valuable stock, Vinyl Revelations wanted a top notch security team but we couldn't afford it so we got these two rascals instead!