In 2019 Vinyl Revelations celebrated 25 years in business and we partied hard with friends and customers, many who have become friends over the years.  We put on a fabulous gig with The Tendons kicking it off. Only the day before The Tendons drummer had left the band so they had to quickly get a new drummer who learnt their songs just the night before!  You would never have known - they were electric. The next support band Hazard just get better and better every time we see them. We have watched the band members grow up from kids and they have formed one of the best bands on the circuit.

Then a band that means a lot to us - The Anti Nowhere League.  We grew up listening to their LPs and if you'd told our 16 year old selves that one day we would be putting them on at our shops 25th birthday knees-up - we would have laughed in your face! Unfortunately, just a few months before, Animal the lead singer was badly injured in an unprovoked attack and had to undergo emergency life saving surgery.  However, being the fighter & professional that he is, he performed for us and we really think it was the best we have ever seen them.